• You’re 20 pounds lighter than you are as you read this right now.
  • You’ve just had your first summer spent appreciating your body, rather than loathing it.
  • You’ve become the woman who enjoys parties, bbqs and other gatherings, focusing on laughing, connecting and strengthening relationships, rather than obsessing over what you look like or how your clothes are fitting.
  • You’re rejoicing because you have finally found the key to permanent weight loss and healthy body image, and you’re holding that key in your hand now and forever.
  • You have no fear of the weight or unhealthy habits coming back because you’ve cleared away the emotional junk that’s literally been weighing you down all these years.
  • You’re enjoying intimacy with your partner and you’re no longer ashamed about taking your clothes off. In fact, even without the 3 glasses of wine, you’re feeling sensual and unafraid to show your body.
  • You’ve turned in your super woman cape, knowing that because you’re finally modeling self-care, your loved ones are now stepping up to the plate to care for themselves as well. No more martyr or savior syndrome for you!

Wish this was you?

But if you’re like most women who I speak with this time of year, you’re probably panicking that summer is just about here and you’re dreading going through another painful, body-conscious summer.

where to buy fluoxetine Does this sound like you?

  • You have vowed to eat healthy and made promises to yourself to diet and keep the weight off…but you keep falling back into unhealthy eating patterns and packing on the pounds.
  • When people ask to take your picture, you cringe and literally have to be persuaded before you will agree. Then when you see yourself in them, you’re appalled at how you look.
  • The idea of putting on shorts, a sun dress or a tank top, let alone a bathing suit makes you want to run and hide. (Every summer you seem to dread social invitations).
  • You are uncomfortable in social situations, afraid that you don’t fit in, or that someone might make you the center of attention which is the last thing you want (people looking at you). You really want to just go home, eat a bunch of ice cream, and watch a movie all by yourself.
  • You haven’t found a special someone because you think that no one will be interested. You think that you are a good person, but don’t have the confidence to try.
  • You never feel attractive no matter what you weigh. (And no matter what anyone says).
  • You are sick and tired of being sick and tired!

If you thought YES that sounds like me, KEEP reading because I want to share with you how you can really LOVE yourself and change the negative way you feel about yourself starting THIS SUMMER.

http://vipluxsalon.com/?p=144 My name is Laura Fenamore and I want to share my story with you.

By reading about my journey, you’ll see that YOU too can change your life… feel good about yourself… love yourself… and release those unwanted pounds that have been holding you hostage all these years.

My journey wasn’t an easy one. I want to SAVE YOU from the struggle that I had for so many years. To do this, I need to share with you a bit of a background about me.

I was a compulsive eater out of my mother’s womb. The youngest of 8, I craved attention and love. Individualized attention was scarce as you can imagine. Food was one of the few things that made me feel safe. Food became LOVE to me and was my obsession. It was that simple.

I could not stop eating. When I was not eating, I was thinking about food or thinking about when I could get my next meal. I obsessed about it constantly. I over-ate every day, and hated myself for it, but could not stop. I started to identify certain foods with specific occasions and, unless I ate them during those holidays/festivities, I wouldn’t be happy.

But even then, food just wasn’t enough. Eventually, I started participating in even more unhealthy habits. Beginning at age 13, I smoked a lot of cigarettes a day and I drank to try and numb my pain. I became a true “wild child” and experimented with street drugs, feeling like I could never get enough.

On the outside I tried to appear like I had it all together… Inside I was dying.

  • I have memories of going to bars as the fat girl with all of my skinny, gorgeous friends. I felt like a total loser. As if that was not hard enough, people would validate it by saying things to my girlfriends like, “Who’s the fat chick?” This really happened to me …more than once in fact. And if people did not say it…it did not matter. I felt horrible inside. I have no self-confidence. Fear and insecurity ran my life.
  • I remember staying home because I did not want to be seen. I would make excuses for not going out because the possibility of being humiliated was too great.
  • I remember being mortified about going to restaurants and social gatherings. I was so afraid of what people might be thinking when I put food on my plate. When in fact the self-criticism coming from me was more violent than anything anyone would have imposed on me.
  • I was always the fat girl…I remember ordering “diet food” like cottage cheese, grapefruit and diet soda when I was hungry and really wanted something more substantial. And then how I’d lie to others about “hardly eating anything, only to go home and binge my brains out… on nachos, pizza, burritos…I was always the fat girl who hung out with people who were smaller and thinner than me…and it made me feel so horrible about myself…really horrible…and yet I kept attracting people into my life that were thinner, smarter, prettier which made me feel worse about myself. It fostered my inability to accept and love myself for who I was.
  • I remember waking up every morning feeling unlovable, unworthy and alone no matter how social I was or no matter how many friends I had in my life.
  • I remember obsessing daily about why others were worthy of love and I wasn’t.
  • I remember obsessing daily about how I would never be attractive or eat less.

Fear and insecurity ran my life.

I hated my life.
I hated my body.
I was overweight and miserable.
And thankfully that has ALL changed!

I Lost 100 lbs. WITHOUT Strict Diets or Exercise Regimes.

I’m sure you’re thinking… “Well that is great for you, but I’ve tried everything and nothing works. I may lose a few pounds with your program, but I’ll end up exactly where I was before fat and miserable.”

My point is that I was an extreme case, for a long time…and if I can radically change my life, SO CAN YOU!


source "Released 15 Pounds"

“The most rewarding parts of the 12 week course for me were releasing 15 pounds, hearing success from the other women and getting tips that have helped me change my habits surrounding my food choices. I have noticed my shopping habits have been transformed as well as my choices at social events surrounding food.”

Carol Suveda

"I have also changed the diet that my family and I are eating"

“The top 3 things I walked away with from the program were changing my inner dialogues, improving how healthfully I eat, and knowing I’m not alone on the journey. I’ve noticed a change in my response when I start feeling negative about my body and I change my thoughts and say positive affirmations instead. I have also changed the diet that I and my family are eating.”

Kristen Gabrielsen

Diets Don’t Work! I know. I Tried Them!

For me, losing weight was always easy. It was keeping it off that was the hard part. And it’s a vicious cycle. You go on a diet to lose weight, severely restricting your calories (and your pleasure). But then when you go off the diet, you binge, eating everything in sight.

When I went on Weight Watchers or another diet, leading up to my FINAL weight LOSS, I still hated myself so it was very easy to fall back into old patterns and habits. To my horror, I’d gain all the weight back plus more. The constant yo-yo cycle of diets and gimmicks left me fatter and fatter each time I tried.

When I gained all the weight back I felt horrible. And I felt defeated because I wasn’t successful. I felt like a loser.

Mostly, I Was Ashamed I Couldn’t Keep The Weight Off.

Even though I had some success losing the weight I hated so much, I was still a wreck. My emotional health was suffering and it was affecting my physical health.

I’d feel depressed most of the time. I abused alcohol. I hated life. Most of all I hated MY life.

I knew I had to make serious changes or my addictive, abusive behavior would result in my death.

Something had to change.

All the Diets I Tried and Failed at Told Me the Problem Was More Than Eating Too Many Calories.

There was a reason why I ate too much. A reason why my body wanted to hold on to all that fat. A reason why it craved all that food even though I was full. I needed help!

Here is Janet’s story. She was in my one of group coaching programs.

"I feel and look better having lost 45 pounds"

“The most challenging part of the course for me was allowing food to be simply food. I am still mastering this, but I have given up sugar and gluten. I still crave sweets and a burger and fries, and I do miss my beloved Diet Dr. Pepper! However, now I’m focusing on how I can eat healthy food that satisfies my love of food and that is healing at the same time.

I feel and look better having lost 45 pounds and I know that I’ll need encouragement as I continue onward.

This was a fabulous group of women and I learned so much from them and their experiences doing the lessons together. The idea that I am unlovable is pure fabrication on my part – I know people love me now.” Janet Ringer

Today over 28 years later, I can truly say that I lost 100 lbs. and I’ve kept it off. I now love my life. I love myself and most of all I love my body. I’ve helped hundreds of other women find peace in their body and I want to help you too!

"Laura is one of the most dynamic, compassionate, caring, empowering, skilled coaches I've ever worked with in my life. I really want you to work with Laura Fenamore. You won't find anyone, anywhere that will be a better coach for you."

Jack Canfield, Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

How Many Fad Diets Have You Tried to Get in Shape for Summer?

I’m sure you already know weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry. There is a pill for everything and a program to fit any budget.

Look at the magazine and television ads that bombard us with Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Atkins, Nutrisystem… the list goes on and on.

Women everywhere are agonizing over which diet to follow this summer.

I’ve tried them ALL. Which ones have you tried?

• No Carb Diet
• All Liquid Diet
• Zone Diet
• South Beach Diet
• Over the Counter Supplements
• Weight Watchers
• 3 Day Diet
• Nutrisystem

• Lemonade Diet
• Grapefruit Diet
• Slim-Fast
• Fasting
• Master Cleanse
• Diet Pills
• Plus others…

They all have one thing in common.
They don’t address the real issues and because of that they are all designed to fail!

Here’s what I learned about diets.

  • Low calorie diets don’t work. All they do is starve your body and then your metabolism adjusts itself to burn fewer calories. You want to increase your metabolism so your body burns more calories not fewer. Your body needs fuel to function and calories are the fuel.
  • Low fat diets don’t work. Just like calories, your body needs certain types of fat. Fat is essential for healthy weight loss. Besides the psychological games low fat diets play, they are designed to sabotage your weight loss. We THINK we can eat more because it’s Low Fat.
  • No diet will work just because someone else tells you it is right for you and your body. You will learn what is right for you and the variety may seem endless but once you start loving and caring for yourself it will not feel so daunting. You will find your way.

Here’s What I Know: You Need a Coach Who Went Through

What You’re Going Through in Order to Succeed!

I wish more than anything that when I was suffering I had a program that I could have joined led by an experienced coach who was able to relate to what I was experiencing.

I wish I had someone to hand me some tools to help me work through this process of “letting go” on a deeper level beyond words and talking. In therapy I talked a lot, but never left with homework or tools that I could use in my daily life.

In fact, I often left feeling ripped off and worse than before I came.

It brought up so much and then when the session was over, I had nowhere to go, nothing to do with all these feelings beyond that hour every week.

Here is the great news for you… I did the hard work. I have lost the weight. I have truly let it go. I know what it is like to hate my body, hate myself, and feel like there is no solution for me.

Lucky for you, I’ve found the solution and I want to share it with you!

The first step, is to have the right coach to support you through your journey back to self-love and self-acceptance. I now understand the criticism coming from myself was more violent than anything anyone could have imposed on me and you need others to help you be kind to yourself.

Having the right coach is the necessary support system that can help you get out of the rut, teach you to create new healthy habits, and keep you on track in the future so you don’t fall into repeating your old habits again!

The second step, is to have a plan. That is why I created the Body Image Mastery Program. It has all the tools you need to transform your body and mind to being healthier and happy.

How many people do you know who have lost 100 lbs? How many of those people have kept it off for over 28 years and will keep it off FOREVER? Laura Fenamore has and she’ll show you how you can make permanent changes from the inside out. She is 100% committed to helping people who struggle with weight and body images issues and her 12-week program works!”

Marci Shimoff, NY Times Bestselling Author of Happy for No Reason

The Body Image Mastery Summer School!

My clients experience incredible transformations and emotional breakthroughs and are often unrecognizable after one year, both physically and energetically!

This Program Is For You If:

  • You’re ready for this summer to be different than the rest. You’re no longer willing to sit on the sidelines of your life, hiding your body and feeling ashamed while others are having fun and feeling good in their own skin.
  • You want to lose 20 pounds or more by September 20, 2016.
  • You desire permanent weight loss, not just yo-yo dieting for a season, but permanent change that will last through summer and beyond.
  • You’re willing to learn specific strategies that can help you stop emotional eating and start making healthy choices.
  • You’re yearning to understand how you can stop dieting, start enjoying your life AND still get the body you want THIS SUMMER.
  • You want to feel good in your own skin and even courageous enough to wear shorts and a tank top without feeling shame or like you need to hide.
  • You desire to connect with a supportive community of like-minded women who are all ready to lose weight and love their bodies once and for all.

This Program Is Also For You If:

  • How to accept responsibility for your body and choose PERMANENT change so you never have to diet before summer again.
  • How to feel safe in your body so that night binging becomes a thing of the past.
  • How to completely shift your relationship with food so that it can become the fuel to propel you to your new body.
  • How to release your victim story so that it never brings you back to an overweight and unhappy body again (hello shorts and tank tops!).
  • How to eliminate that sneaky, discouraging voice from within (negative self-talk that keeps hiding out, skipping summer social events).
  • How forgiveness can be the seemingly magical ingredient that transports you from where your body is to where you want your body to be (time to forgive yourself for what hasn’t worked in the past).
  • How to love yourself into the body of your dreams (finally being able to wear things you only dreamed of).
  • The key to receiving your new body so that it stays with you for the rest of your life (and you don’t fear reverting backwards).
  • How to allow food to be your fuel…not your fault (and feeling safe even at events where lots of “trigger” foods are present).
  • How to celebrate your body movement and form (yes even you can appreciate moving in your body).
  • The importance of feeling worthy and how to start this summer with a new attitude.
  • How to celebrate YOU! You’ll learn to celebrate while enjoying food—not using it as your comfort.

Here's How it Works:

♥ 12 live coaching calls ($2,000 value)
♥ Templates and handouts and access to private Facebook group to connect with like minded women on a daily basis and receive support. ($1,000 value)

I made it my life mission to help other women. I sincerely want to help YOU. My goal is to have your journey to be easier than mine.

For example, let me tell you about Laurie.

When I first met her, Laurie was about to turn 50… and she hated herself.

Every day she’d say to herself things like…I’m fat. I hate myself. I’m disgusted with my stomach. I’m sick of eating compulsively. I’m bad. If only I could be thinner.

After a few months of coaching, Laurie realized that FOOD wasn’t the enemy… the negative thoughts barraging her every day were the TRUE enemy.

I helped Laurie begin a mindfulness practice and, after just a few months she felt that food was no longer the enemy, and her cruel thoughts about herself no longer owned her life and her power.

This allowed her to release the compulsive energy around eating and she became empowered around her food choices. Over time, because of following my teaching, she was able to release her extra weight for life, and I’m happy to report that it is still gone today 5 years later.

For the first time in her whole life she felt free of the “food drama”. She no longer had compulsive thoughts about her weight or food.

Today Laurie no longer sees food, her body, the scale, her partners, the world, or herself as the enemy. She lives in gratitude for the love that surrounds her and in deep gratitude for knowing that she is whole and complete just as she is right now. And every action she takes is a choice and she chooses only things that serve her body, mind, and soul.

There are two ways that I can help you.
1-on-1 Coaching and my Body Image Mastery Group Program.

1-on-1 Coaching is great. It allows me to completely customize the plan for you and gives you a lot of individual support. It is also more flexible with scheduling and private. The only negative is that it might be out of your budget.

"I feel and look better having lost 45 pounds"

“Thank you for helping me to see how wonderful I am! I have released over 45 pounds of body fat since we first talked in January. You helped me to move to a different path in my life and I am helping others to see the potential in theirs. I feel wonderful and love the life I am living.

I love every inch of the person I am. Thank you so much for your powerful words of affirmation, your insight and your love! Thank you for giving me a new way to look at life!”


What Is The Cost of 1-on-1 Coaching?

The investment for a year of personal coaching is $12,000 and, if this is within your means, I highly recommend it.

I go over all the same information as in the Body Image Mastery program, but it’s done privately over the course of one year. The biggest perk of working with my privately is that on each call we can spend as much time as you need working through whatever issues are coming up for you. If you prefer working with me 1-on-1 instead group coaching, please get in touch with me by email at Laura@SkinnyFatPerfect.com and we can do a discovery session.

The tuition for the Body Image Mastery Group program is MUCH less.

To help as many people as I can, I’m offering this Group Program at a hugely discounted rate. The Group Program runs for 12 weeks. You get all the tools that you would in 1-on-1 Coaching PLUS you get a forum to talk to other like-minded women who are going through the same struggles as you are where you can discuss your challenges.

1-on-1 Private Coaching: $12,000 The Body Image Mastery Group Program: ONLY $997

(You SAVE $11,000 by taking the group program! I cover a lot of the same
information as in the 1-on-1 coaching, and we do it in a group format.)

“Laura Fenamore is doing AMAZING work in the world. She holds an incredibly safe space for her clients and gently, but firmly guides them to look at the beliefs and patterns that are holding them back from feeling good in their own skin.

Laura’s encouragement, exercises, and powerful coaching methodology is designed to help women learn how to be kind to themselves and their bodies despite the number on the scale. She provides an opportunity for significant transformation and personal peace. In a world focused on computer-enhanced images of beauty, Laura stands like a lighthouse, shining bright and standing tall for all women who are ready to end the battle with their body image.

With Laura’s loving guidance, I have made a huge shift in my self-talk and way that I think about my body. Thank you Laura, for offering your heart and soul to those of us women who are walking the path to Body Image Mastery.”

Molly Luffy

PLUS, I'm Including This Bonus Gift! speical bonus offer …I decided to give you 2 private 30-minute coaching calls with me. With this extra support, I am confident that you can make the changes necessary to love yourself and lose the weight. ($350 Value)

The Total Investment for this life changing program, which includes The Complete Body Image Mastery Group Program and 2 Private Coaching Calls is ONLY $997!

The Body Image Mastery Summer School!

The Body Image Mastery is a 12-module VIRTUAL program that takes place online and by telephone over the course of 12 weeks. Everyone in the program is dealing with similar issues, so they will be your dream team.

The program starts on Tuesday June 21st with our kickoff call.

Here’s the schedule:

5pm PT, 8pm ET on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

6/21, 6/28, 7/5, 7/20, 7/26, 8/2, 8/10, 8/16, 8/23, 8/30, 9/13, 9/20

All our classes are recorded (so you can listen to them over and over again)!

As soon as you get signed up, we will put you into the Facebook Body Image Mastery Community so you have access to me and the women in our group. All your questions will be answered.

No time to waste. If not now, when?

  • There are 12 sessions that go to the end of September.
  • For each week of the program, we’ll meet for a group coaching session. We’ll cover the content for that module, and then I’ll open up the lines for real-time coaching.
  • You can bring any question, challenge or issue to the table knowing that you are in a safe environment, protected by the sanctity of your Body Image Mastery Sisters.
  • By joining this program, you’re getting both the mentorship from me and the benefit of my experience having been right where you are today.
  • And you also get to add new friends (who truly get you) to your tribe. The women in the program are here to support you and be supported BY you!
  • You also get a series of PDF transcripts, complete with exercises and worksheets that you can use to refer back to at any time. To help support you in completing the exercises, we’ll discuss everything during the coaching calls.
  • And I’ll record each of the calls in case you can’t be there live and so that you can listen to the recordings and review the information again as often you want.

This is an investment in becoming the woman you know lives inside of you, the one who so desperately wants to be seen and loved and feel the love for her body every day.

I promise when you’ve completed Body Image Mastery you are going to feel like a NEW person!

You can use these private coaching calls, without having to adhere to the structure of the full program.

What we talk about on these calls is completely up to you. If you’re having a challenge in a specific area, we can work on that exclusively.

If you just need some insight, advice or guidance about how to handle an upcoming event or situation which you know has the potential to trigger you, we can work on strategies for you to handle it.

Whatever you need, I can be there for you to offer the support, guidance and benefit from my personal experience.

The absolute BEST way to learn to love your body and lose
the unwanted weight is to do BOTH the group program…
AND get personal coaching from me.

  • I know exactly how you feel right now and I know you’d do just about anything to be able to look in the mirror and LOVE the reflection you see.
  • I know you want to feel healthier, have more energy and be a powerful, positive ROLE MODEL for the other women and girls in your life.
  • I know that you’re serious because you’re here reading this right now, trying to figure out how to turn this area of your life around for good.

Because I know you’re serious, and because I don’t want anything to stand in your way of making the summer and rest of 2016 the year YOU write me to share YOUR story of how your life has changed because of this program.

So my offer to you is: When you register you’ll receive 2 private calls with me (your total investment will be ONLY $997)

My coaching calendar is limited, so you must act quickly if you know this is for you. The two calls will be spaced out over three months.


"I never thought this was possible until I met Laura and worked through Body Image Mastery."

“Look at what I was able to achieve in my 50s, thanks to Laura Fenamore. 80 lbs. gone FOREVER. Laura taught me tools and there is no turning back now. I never thought this was possible until I met Laura and worked through Body Image Mastery.”


I know that you’ve probably tried every diet, pill and program under the sun… And you’re still struggling.

I want you to know that I stand solidly behind this program and I know that it is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

So I want to make this totally risk free for you.

My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee...

Register today. FULLY Participate in the 12-week program. Schedule and show up for your 2 private coaching calls.

If, by the end of the program, you don’t believe you received incredible value beyond your investment…Information, tools and support that you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life…Simply let me know and I’ll process a FULL REFUND of your investment.

To be clear, participate in the 12 group sessions. Meet with me on our 2 private, 1-on-1 calls. And if you don’t believe you received full value for your investment, I’ll process a full refund.


  • Yes Laura, I‘m ready to finally learn how to LOVE MY BODY and lose the weight!

I understand that when I register today for the 2 Private, 1-on-1 coaching sessions with you, to be scheduled over the next 3 months, I’ll also receive the 12-week, Body Image Mastery Summer School Group Program, absolutely FREE, which includes…

  • 12 group training/ coaching calls ($2,000 Value)
  • All call recordings to listen to over and over again ($1,000 Value)
  • PDF transcripts ($1,000 Value)
  • Exercises and worksheets ($200 Value) Private Facebook group for additional support ($100 Value)
  • BONUS: Two 30 minute 1:1 coaching calls ($350 Value)

The total value is $6,650

I also understand that my purchase is backed by your personal, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If, by the end of the program, I don’t believe I received incredible value beyond my investment… Information, tools and support that I’ll be able to use for the rest of my life…I can simply let you know and you’ll process a FULL REFUND of my investment.

Register Now


In closing, I can talk about my own experience of releasing 100 lbs. more than 28 years ago… or the results my private and group clients have experienced for themselves. I can talk about how you’ll feel when you love and accept your body… and the weight starts dropping off.

But there’s something even deeper you’re saying YES to.

Being a positive ROLE MODEL in the world.

Imagine what it will feel like being a role model for the other women and girls in your life, standing like a beacon of hope for them.

Your daughters, your sisters, your nieces, your co-workers, your friends, your loved ones.

STOP your struggle. Join me and we can take this journey together.

I’d like to end with one of my favorite quote:

“After all is said and done – more is said, than done.”

Don’t let that be you!

Take action now. Now is YOUR time!
You deserve a happy life!

Let’s do it together.
laura sig


Mavis knows this now having worked with me.

“The weekly calls were powerful group meetings and a time to share our experiences with the week’s lesson. Laura’s ability to hold the space for everyone to be comfortable was so valuable. For me, the weekly lessons/calls reinforced the progress I had already made working with Laura. It also was a way to support and be supported by others with similar concerns about health and weight.

Over the time of the course, I learned to view food as fuel and to see exercise as movement that my body desires. In addition I learned to view and feel more kindly about my body – in a loving way as opposed to my previous frustration with my body size etc.

I am so much more comfortable with my body and feel lighter and a freedom as I move forward in my process. Without Laura’s support and program, I would not be where I am today.”

Mavis McGuire